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Newsletter Launch Pad: Start & Grow Your Newsletter in Just 4 Weeks with Courtney Kocak

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Instructor: Courtney Kocak
Date: Tuesdays, March 19–April 9 @ 7–8:30pm ET (4–5:30pm Pacific)

A newsletter is a no-brainer in the Substack era, which has seen newsletters like Morning Brew and The Hustle turn into multi-million dollar businesses. In this four-week course with writer/producer Courtney Kocak, founder of the newsletter Podcast Bestie, you will learn to harness the power of direct content marketing to propel your audience, network, and business to new heights with a growing email list. Courtney will share her advice for planning clickable and shareable content, sustainable editorial strategies, and cultivating a dedicated online community. This class is tailored to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to create a successful and impactful newsletter. So whether you are an entrepreneur, an author, a podcaster, a freelancer, or an aspiring thought leader, you’ll learn the art of launching and evolving a newsletter that serves as a strong foundation for your professional endeavors.

The course is open to 40 students with capacity for 10 students to upgrade to Stream B for an additional fee of $135 CAD. Stream B students will receive a personal consultation from Courtney on their newsletter project (max. 10 students).

Payment plans can be arranged. Email to request.

Stream A: Regular Class Lectures & Exercises ($190 🇨🇦 | ~$140 🇺🇸)

Students attend classes and participate in the lectures, class discussions and exercises.

Stream B: Classes with Story Development ($325 🇨🇦 | ~$240 🇺🇸)

In additional to in-class participation, students who upgrade to Stream B will receive personal consultation from Courtney on their newsletter project. (Only 10 Stream B spots available.)

Tuesdays, 7pm–8:30pm ET, March 19 to April 9, 2024 (4pm–5:30pm Pacific)

A detailed syllabus will be provided upon registration.

  • Class 1, March 19: Introduction to the newsletter landscape + coming up with catchy and sustainable concept
  • Class 2, March 26: Branding 101 + planning your editorial calendar
  • Class 3, April 2: Launch, growth strategies, and collaboration – how to build your audience
  • Class 4, April 9: The business of your newsletter: the many methods of monetization


Stream A of this course is intended for everyone. Stream B students should have an existing newsletter or a concept they wish to develop.


After checkout, you’ll receive a receipt with a link to download your syllabus, which will include Zoom passcodes and additional course information. You will also receive an emailed reminder a few days before your first class.


The course is designed for live participation, however, if you can’t be present for a class, or must leave early, a recording will be provided in the student folder the morning after. Students are expected to be present and intellectually curious during class time. Please be ready to participate with working cameras and audio. If you’re ever stuck or may need accommodation, please reach out to your instructor or TA.


Pandemic University is committed to offering a fulfilling and inclusive education. Classes are held via Zoom with Closed Captioning features enabled through auto-transcription technology. A teaching assistant will be present to correct transcription mistakes and assist in other ways. The course includes workshops and class discussions, thus students are required to participate through audio; accommodations can be made for people with speaking or other disabilities if they inform us ahead of schedule. Video is encouraged of all students in order to optimize everyone’s virtual classroom experience.


Space is limited to 40 students (inclusive of 10 Stream B upgrades). Anyone wishing to cancel their registration have until March 12, 2024 to receive a guaranteed refund (minus 2.9% e-commerce service fee). If you cancel between March 13 and March 18, 2024 we will only offer a refund if and after the vacated spot is filled. No refunds whatsoever will be offered after the course begins on March 19, 2024. Violations of the Code of Conduct may also result in your removal from the course without compensation.

In the case that the course is cancelled due to low enrollment or other circumstances, all students will receive a full refund.


Although PanU is technically a fake university, we’re committed to high standards of artistic integrity, quality education, and maintaining a safe virtual environment for students. Abusive behaviour toward classmates or instructors will not be tolerated at any point during the course, including in private messages, and will result in expulsion without refund.

Other violations that could have you expelled from this course include: refusing to participate in group workshops; plagiarism and misrepresentation of others’ ideas as your own; racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia either in your notes (written or spoken) or in your work; sharing recordings of classes; sharing classmates’ work without their consent.

The final say on whether or not you continue in class belongs to the instructor alone. If you have any questions, email info@pandemicuniversity.com.

Enrollment Level

Regular Classes (Stream A): $190 CAD (~$140 USD), Classes with Project Consultation (Stream B): $325 CAD (~$240 USD)