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Replay: Intrusion and Investigation: Getting Around Difficult Subjects with Ethan Lou

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Missed our summer session on investigative reporting? Purchase a Replay and get unlimited streams of this class, plus a handy tip-sheet to guide you through your next assignment.

In this webinar, author and journalist Ethan Lou exposes the many investigative techniques he’s used to spin a good yarn and tackles such as: what can or can’t you write about people? How do you craft compelling nonfiction when you’ve got little to go on and the very subjects at its centre want nothing to do with you? How do you write dynamic characters and scenes with limited information? Interviewing other people surrounding your difficult subject is just the start. From running names through the courts to filing freedom-of-information requests and hunting down a decades-old graduate thesis, journalist and author Ethan has done it all.


This is not a live seminar. Purchase includes: password to access recorded webinar and a tip-sheet from the author to guide you through future projects.

Date: Aug. 27/20
Ethan Lou
Length: 1hr 33 min.
Attachment: Investigative reporting tip-sheet with access information for recorded tutorial

About the instructor: Ethan Lou is an author and freelance journalist. His debut book, Field Notes from a Pandemic (McClelland & Stewart), a travelogue and COVID-19 deep dive, will be published later this year, followed by Once a Bitcoin Miner (ECW), a nonfiction odyssey about the cryptocurrency Wild West, in 2021. Ethan’s essays and features have appeared in The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, and The Washington Post, and he previously reported from such newsrooms as Reuters and The Toronto Star.