The Art of Airtight Opinions

Professional opiner Max Fawcett shows what it takes to get your voice heard without getting hurt (too badly)

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You probably know the old saying about opinions: they’re like a certain body part that we all share, and, more times than not, they stink. But we live in a world where good opinions are in greater demand than ever before, as the combination of shrinking newsroom budgets and social media’s growing influence conspire to create the age of the hot take. Who should you pitch, and how? How do you detect and cover your blindspots before readers do it for you? And is there such a thing as a perfect opinion piece? Whether it’s landing an op-ed with a major publication under your own byline or helping a client or employer get one published under theirs, professional opiner Max Fawcett will show you what it takes to have your voice heard.

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