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The Art of the Interview (free to attend)
The Art of Querying Literary Agents and Publishers
How to Write a Tragicomic Memoir with Elissa Bassist
Building a Writer’s Habit with Zahra Noorbakhsh
Start, Sustain, and Monetize Your Podcast: 7-week Course with Courtney Kocak
Replay: Deconstructing the Pitch with Omar Mouallem
Snap-back Hat
$25.00 $30.00
Replay: Short Humour for Beginners with James Folta
Replay: Photography for Writers with Amber Bracken
Replay: How to Write About Oppression with Cicely Belle Blain
Replay: Style and Form in Resistance-Themed Fiction with Omar El Akkad
Replay: Writing Unforgettable Characters with Becky Blake
Replay: Packing a Punch: Big Stories in Small Spaces
Replay: Ethics of Citizen Journalism with Bert Archer
Replay: Business Writing Basics with Max Fawcett
Replay: Inclusive Sports Writing with Shireen Ahmed
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