Edge of Your Seat: Mastering Conflict and Tension

This 90-minute webinar with a memoir and short fiction master lifts the veil on how story tension works—and how it can work even better.

Conflict and tension are two literary terms that may seem vague or elusive, and are often used interchangeably. What is the difference and what is the relationship between conflict and tension? How do we create a narrative that makes readers feel on the edge of their seat? In this seminar we will discuss ways to create tension in our fiction and creative nonfiction, and highlight conflict by using literary techniques such as pacing, rhythm, dynamic dialogue, foreshadowing, withholding, and more.

Includes: Live 90-minute lesson with Q&A; password to re-watch the webinar anytime you want; a tip-sheet for finessing tension in your next story.
Meet the instructor