How to How-to: A Guide to Service Journalism

Editor Jennifer Hamilton will help you tame the elements of service journalism, from brainstorming to design

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Service-driven journalism is the workhorse of a magazine. Done well, it can drive readership, bolster revenue and present information that is both visually appealing and practically useful. So whether you’re a writer, editor or designer, this class — which looks at the practical side of how-to journalism — is for you. With 20 years experience as a city magazine editor, Jennifer Hamilton will focus on major print feature packages, with a nod to the digital side and how to make the content work across various platforms. She will cover brainstorming, planning, writing, editing and designing, showing you how to tame the elements of these beasts we call service features.

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Includes: Live 90-minute lesson with Q&A; a handy tip-sheet from your instructor; watch the webinar Replay anytime you want.

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Photo by Jared Sych