Poetry and the Body

Acclaimed poet Hala Alyan's demonstrates how the body can be a character in your poems

The current pandemic has highlighted the body as a potential source and recipient of suffering and challenges, but the subject matter of the body (with its illness and ease, desire and hungers) has been long tackled in poetry. This webinar with Dayton Literary Peace Prize winner Hala Alyan will explore several poems that discuss the body as a character (and country) in and of itself, as well as provide participants with a writing workshop and some time to generate their own poem on the body.

This class has been cancelled and substituted with The Poem’s Door with Safia Elhillo. More information about the cancellation is here.

Includes: Live 90-minute lesson with Q&A; a handy tip-sheet from your instructor; watch the webinar Replay anytime you want.

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