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Replay: When Journalism Gets Personal with Hadiya Roderique

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Missed our spring session on personal journalism? Purchase a Replay and get unlimited streams of this class, plus a handy tip-sheet to guide you through your next assignment.

This class with Hadiya Roderique, a gutsy journalist, lawyer, and public speaker, offers an inside look into the crafting of long-form and short-form personal essays. The personal essay is a popular and compelling type of creative nonfiction. You are the main event. You give the reader a glimpse or deep look into your life, your world, your mind, and your actions. In this class, we’ll explore the art of inserting yourself into a story via first-person narration where you are the main character. Hadiya Roderique will lead you through the creation of some of her first-person journalism, as well as the works of others, giving you an inside look into the crafting of long-form and short-form personal essays.


This is not a live seminar. Purchase includes: link and password to access recorded spring session; digital notes from the author; a tip-sheet to guide you through future projects.

Date: May 18/20
Hadiya Roderique
Length: 1hr 36 min.
Attachment: Personal journalism tip-sheet with access information for recorded tutorial

About the instructor: Hadiya Roderique is a former Bay Street lawyer and a current researcher, consultant, lecturer, and broadcast commentator. She writes for a number of publications, including The Walrus, The National Post, Elle, and many others. She is most well known for her viral feature essay “Black on Bay Street” for the Globe and Mail, which won a Digital Publishing Awards Gold Medal. In 2018, Hadiya was named one of Canada’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers by Canadian Lawyers’ Magazine.