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FREE: The 5 Principles of Writing Clear Prose

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All writers believe in the value of clarity, and as readers we can confidently describe a sentence or paragraph as clear or unclear. In this live webinar, communications and content professional Hayley Milliman breaks down the art and science of clear and concise prose. Together we’ll learn how to organize information for readers and ensure fluid, effective, and low-effort reading experiences for our audiences.


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Date: Oct. 26/20
Hayley Milliman
Length: 1hr 11 min.
Closed Captioning: Closed Captioning: Yes (A.I. generated, subject to error)
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About the instructor: Hayley Milliman is content lead of ProWritingAid, the leading analytical software for writers and editors. Before her communications career, Hayley worked as an elementary school teacher, getting a crash course in how to entertain indifferent audiences. Her new role gives her excuse to think deeply about words every single day. She’s now putting her storytelling skills as a blogger and forthcoming novelist.