Replays for Fashionably Late Students

Travel back in time to take classes you woefully missed

Whether you missed a class and regret it, or you just learned about PanU, we’ve got good news for you: the Replay Store is back by popular demand.

From the start of this bogus university, making it possible for enrolled students to watch these classes on their own time—and to re-watch them as needed—was a no-brainer. But it never occurred to us that un-registered students and late-comers to PanU would regret their decisions so badly.

After enough of you asked, we cut a deal with the various authors to sell Replays in the Campus Shop.

Priced at $8–$10 CAD ($6–$7.50 USD) sales are split between PanU and the writers, so it’s a small but meaningful way to support writers in the pandemic. There are now 28 past classes available, including all 14 summer sessions and our bonus workshop with National Geographic Traveler Heather Greenwood Davis. Each purchase grants you unlimited streams, plus a handy tip-sheets from the authors to guide you through your next story.

Our most popular sessions: