How to Shift Resistance and Writer’s Block Using Your Body

Make your body your most trusted creative ally in this free workshop with Janelle Hardy, creator and teacher of the Art of Personal Mythmaking
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Make your body your most trusted creative ally. Devote your energy to your writing instead of stuck, resistant blockages. In this workshop with Janelle Hardy, the creator and teacher of the Art of Personal Mythmaking will teach you the following:

  • What resistance is (from a nervous system perspective), how it affects your personal and creative life and how to get unstuck.
  • The OMG hack to help shift your resistance in 3 minutes or less (most people don’t know about this!)
  • A hand-touch exercise to calm, settle and open up creative flow in 9 minutes (another fairly unknown technique)
  • The 3 physical clues that resistance is taking over and what to do about it.
  • How your body is your most trusted ally for shifting resistance and writer’s block — if you’re busy, fear not, you’re going to love how straightforward these techniques are.

This event is in partnership with The Art of Personal Mythmaking.

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Includes: 90-minute class with Q&A moderated by Omar Mouallem; access to watch Replay anytime you want; and a handy tip-sheet from instructor.

How it Works: The registration link takes you to an external site. Enter your email in the registration box for Janelle Hardy’s newsletter and that’s it—you’re good to go. You’ll get the access information via email. After the class you’ll receive a link to access the Replay and tip-sheet.

About the Partner

The Art of Personal Mythmaking by Janelle Hardy is a five-month online course in which you’ll write the first draft of your memoir while reclaiming your sense of joy and vitality. Education via weekly themes containing innovative embodiment visualizations, writing prompts, fairy tales and mythology as well as plenty of tools and techniques that offer clarity, focus and structure.

About the Instructor

Janelle Hardy is the creator and teacher of an online transformational memoir-writing course called the Art of Personal Mythmaking. This process uses body-based trauma-informed writing prompts, fairy tales and themed modules to support creative folks who are interested in healing from their life stories as they write their memoirs.

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