Summer Half Enrollment

Choose any 7 of the 14 webinars offered by acclaimed authors, along with tip-sheets and rewatchable videos of every class for as long as you want


Can’t decide whether your next project will be a work of poetry or nonfiction? Are you a jill-of-all-trades with an idea for a bestseller, hot take, and a Broadway musical? Why limit yourself?

Choose any 7 of the 14 webinars offered by a faculty of sterling poets, authors, journalists, and playwrights—and save 40 percent off the cost of each class. (Students who register mid-semester can choose past workshops as one of their seven summer classes.)

Register Before Aug. 3!

Includes: 40% savings; access to any 7 past or upcoming classes you choose; unlimited Replays of each workshop; useful tip-sheets from each instructor to keep at hand.
Are you a total keener? Register for Full Enrollment instead.

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