The Secrets of Long-Form Features

This 90-minute webinar with Omar Mouallem exposes the craft of long-form narrative journalism in the style of The New Yorker and GQ.

Journalism does not have to conform to the so-called “inverted pyramid” of facts. This webinar explains how to craft a riveting true story with nothing but the facts and an arsenal of interview questions. You’ll learn to apply traditional story principles to your subjects, such as tension and release and characterization, in order to create gripping stories that go beyond the headlines. All it takes is time and an ear for detail. This workshop will break down the best narrative journalism techniques applied to researching, interviewing, structuring and fact-checking your story.

Includes: Live 90-minute lesson with Q&A; password to re-watch the webinar anytime you want; a tip-sheet on crafting your next feature article.
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