An Appetite for Story: Food Writing Fundamentals

This 90-minute webinar and fundraiser with a world-renowned food writer is a crash course for food bloggers, journalists, and gourmands alike.

Tickets are by donation in support of the Canadian Writers’ Trust Emergency Relief Fund

Whether you want to record family memories, start a food blog, pen memoirs or essays with food in the starring roles, or pitch an idea to your favourite magazine or newspaper, this course is for you. Cockrall-King will provide you with a toolkit to find your communication medium. Her class will help you zero in on your subject matter, establish your food writing voice, and finally get going on your dreams. Ticket proceeds go to the Canadian Writers’ Emergency Relief Fund.

Includes: live 90-minute lesson with Q&A; password to re-watch the webinar anytime you want; a tip-sheet on food writing fundamentals.
Meet the instructor