How to Make Money Podcasting: Weekend Bootcamp with Courtney Kocak

A two-day intensive focused on the business side of podcasting with an award-winning producer, writer, and host

Runs Sat., Sept. 11 & Sun., Sept. 12, 2021, from 1–3pm ET

So you built a podcast with a decent audience but you’re struggling to monetize it and your listenership is stalling. Or maybe you’re about to launch a show and wondering how to make the most of it. Or perhaps you’re a badass producer with sharp storytelling skills but can’t figure out how to land a professional gig in this flourishing field.

If you “feel seen” by any of the above then our weekend bootcamp is for you!

This exclusive and intensive workshop with award-winning podcaster Courtney Kocak was designed for anyone with an existing or developing podcast. Jam-packed with group exercises, lectures, Q&A, and self-directed homework to execute the main concepts, Courtney will focus on the business side of podcasting to help you grow your audience, monetize your show, and take your skills pro.

Register for $125 CAD (~$100 USD)

UPGRADE! For an additional $125 CAD, podcasters looking for more one-on-one guidance can get personalized feedback from Courtney, which includes a review of your marketing and launch plans, a 30-minute virtual meeting, and a written report to help take your show to the next level.


This bootcamp is intended for people who have a show in progress, are gearing up to launch a podcast, and/or want to take their existing audio skills pro.

Sat., Sept. 11 & Sun., Sept. 12, 2021 @ 1–3pm ET
  • DAY 1 (Saturday): Marketing and growing your audience
  • DAY 2 (Sunday): Monetization and sponsorships
  • POST-BOOTCAMP (for students who’ve purchased an upgrade): After you submit your homework and show info as instructed, Courtney will review it and arrange a 30-minute 1:1 virtual call, then provide you with a page of written feedback and suggestions.

This course was an excellent help in brainstorming and thinking through the marketing side of podcasting, from developing a trailer to how to present your project to the public.

—Lisa Pruden, student of Courtney’s 7-week Podcasting Course

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This bootcamp is intended for current audio storytellers looking to take their podcast strategy to the next level. If you already have a show in progress, are gearing up to launch your podcast, and/or want to take your existing audio skills pro, this is the class for you.

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