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Author and conservationist Kevin Van Tighem on crafting memorable prose that improves our ecological literacy and connections to place

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In this class with author and conservationist Kevin Van Tighem, you’ll learn how to take your composition and research skills to the next level. Join him in this masterclass on crafting vivid prose that builds ecological literacy based on lived experience. Writers of all genres will enjoy Kevin’s multidisciplinary approach to nature writing as he shows you how to blend scientific and conservationist information into personal narrative to create a compelling story.

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About the instructor:

Kevin Van Tighem graduated with a degree in plant ecology from the University of Calgary in 1977 and went on to a career in landscape ecology and conservation biology in the national parks of western Canada. He retired as superintendent of Banff in 2011. He has served on the boards of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Livingstone Landowners Group. Kevin is the author of fourteen books on wildlife and conservation and writes a regular column (“This Land”) in Alberta Views magazine. His most recent book is Our Place: Changing the Nature of Alberta.

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