Making Science and Nature Stories Your Business

Knight Science Journalism Fellow Sarah Gilman on shepherding your ideas into published stories (and getting paid for it)

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Writing about natural sciences is about showing readers their connection to the land around them. But how do you reach your target audiences and sustain your own writing career in the current media environment? Join Sarah Gilman, a prolific freelance writer for such magazines as Hakai and The Atlantic, in this practical workshop covering writing business essentials. Get back to basics with lessons on how to find the right place for your article, pitch it, and what to expect for pay in various markets.

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About the instructor:

Sarah Gilman is an independent magazine writer and illustrator who covers the environment, natural history, science, and place. She is also a contributing features editor at Hakai Magazine, and a spring 2021 fellow with the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT. In her writing, she seeks to illuminate the complicated ways people relate to landscapes and other species. In her art, she’s most interested in the cultivation of wonder, and the ways it might help more of us come to value and make space for wildness and each other.

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