The Art of Evidence: Reaching General Audiences

The Narwhal’s investigative reporter Sharon Riley on the delicate art of simplifying hard science and finding the narrative within

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Interested in teaching scientific concepts to wider audiences? Are you struggling to turn complicated research into human-driven narratives? Look no further as award-winning investigative journalist Sharon Riley offers an in-depth look at how to bring science writing to popular culture. Join her as she discusses strategies for translating jargon for general interest readers—without making any regrettable errors. Sharon will also help you learn how to read and analyze scientific research stats correctly, because in our increasingly data-driven culture a little science literacy goes a long way.

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About the instructor:

Sharon Riley is an award-winning investigative journalist, currently covering energy and the environment in Alberta for The Narwhal. Her writing has also been published by The Walrus,, The Tyee, Reader’s Digest, Alberta Views, and Maisonneuve, among others. Sharon is the 2020 recipient of the Allan Slaight Prize for Journalism. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

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