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    Business Writing Basics with Max Fawcett (REPLY ONLY, from Mar.22/21)Packing a Punch: Big Stories in Small Spaces with Katie Bickell (REPLY ONLY, from Mar.23/21)Getting the Most Out of Social Media with Fatima Syed (REPLY ONLY, from Mar.29/21Remember Me? Writing Unforgettable Characters with Becky Blake (REPLY ONLY, from Mar.30/21)Short Humour for Beginners with James Folta (REPLY ONLY, from Apr.6/21)Ethics for Citizen Journalists with Bert Archer (REPLY ONLY, from Apr.7/21)Photography for Writers with Amber Bracken (REPLY ONLY, from Apr.12/21)Style and Form in Resistance-Themed and Political Fiction with Omar El Akkad (Apr.13/21 @ 1pm ET)Secrets of the Page-turning Novel with Waubgeshig Rice (REPLY ONLY, from Apr. 20/21Stories of Injustice: How to Write About Oppression with Cicely Belle Blain (Apr.26/21 @ 1pm ET)Inclusive Sports Writing with Shireen Ahmed (Apr. 27/21 @ 1pm ET)