Edmonton Community Foundation Scholarship for Awesome Writers

Open to any writer facing financial hardship, from a group underrepresented in storytelling media, or currently enrolled in a (non-fake) post-secondary

This contest is now closed. We will contact the recipients soon. Email us if you have any questions.

Thanks to financial support of Edmonton Community Foundation, Pandemic University is giving scholarships for our Spring ’21 semester to five writers in each of these categories:

  • someone facing financial hardship
  • identifies with a group underrepresented in storytelling media
  • currently enrolled in a (non-fake) post-secondary

Fill out this form with your contact information, briefly telling us about your circumstances and what you hope to get out of the scholarship.

The deadline to apply is March 26, 2021, after which the winners will be selected by the editorial team of The Supplement, an innovative, audience-driven weekly newsletter.

The scholarship jury

Scholarship applications are judged by the editors of The Supplement, a Canadian newsletter that breaks down one topic per week, whether it’s a confusing news story or an under-reported issue. It’s fully audience-driven, because you should get to shape what your coverage looks like. Meet the team:

Alex Nguyễn is also a staff reporter with Ricochet with interests related to climate justice, labour and equity. You can find her work also in The Globe and Mail, The Tyee and The Ubyssey.
Samantha McCabe is a freelance journalist covering equity, politics, social justice. In addition to writing for The Walrus, VICE, and others, she co-manages Pandemic University.
Sierra Bein is a multimedia journalist who joined The Globe and Mail after working for the National Post and VICE. You can find more of her work in Toronto Life and CANADALAND.