Getting the Most out of Social Media

Learn how to make friends and influence people (for good) with writer, journalist, and broadcaster Fatima Syed

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How can one tweet make an essay or article go viral? What’s the best way to find sources on social media and engage with them? How do you promote your new book without being crass and annoying? When is it okay to slide into a future editor or mentor’s DMs? Extremely online freelance writer Fatima Syed leads this crash course in how to use the various platforms (but mostly Twitter) in developing sources, extending conversations, amplifying your work, boosting your profile, and finding your community. She’ll help you think through the purpose of your online presence (ie: what you personally should and shouldn’t post).

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Includes: Live 90-minute class with Q&A; a handy cheat-sheet on social media for writers; access to watch Replay anytime you want.

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