PanU IRL Event: Vancouver Nonfiction Manuscript Reviews by Richard Warnica

Acclaimed feature writer Richard Warnica comes to Vancouver this September to offer four days of one-on-one writing instruction and manuscript review.
Sep. 17-20, 2023 (12 spots available)
The Tyee Office (Vancouver, BC)

Acclaimed feature writer Richard Warnica comes to Vancouver this September to offer four days of one-on-one writing instruction and manuscript review. Twelve nonfiction writers in the Vancouver area have the opportunity to work directly with Richard on a piece at any stage of completion — be it feature, memoir, essay, investigative journalism or book chapter. Each review includes detailed notes on a submitted draft of up to 5,000 words plus a 50-minute, in-person consultation on pitching and selling (if the piece is unsold), editing, reporting, restructuring, and strategies for getting better going forward. Richard’s previous PanU students have placed features in major publications across Canada, including The Walrus, Maclean’s, the National Post and more.

Writers will also receive an exclusive link to a video replay of Richard’s 3-hr. Beyond Feature Writing Masterclass to aid in the development of their work.

  • Writers in the Vancouver area between Sep. 17–20, 2023
  • Young and emerging writers pivoting toward features and nonfiction books
  • Experienced journalists looking to hone their skills
  • Feature writers aiming to create more ambitious and creative works

Not sure it’s for you? Feel free to reach out and ask us directly:

“It was jam-packed with great stuff, from the readings to the sessions to the guests. I learned a ton and Richard is an accessible, down to earth teacher. My brain hurt, but in a good way.”

–Ferrukh Faruqui, physician and freelance medical reporter

“Richard Warnica is an adept instructor who gets to the heart of what writers want and need to know in a down-to-earth and approachable way.”

—Jordan S., freelancer

“The seven weeks I spent learning about voice and feature writing with Richard and an amazing group of classmates reignited my passion for the craft of journalism after an isolating year chasing the news cycle from my apartment desk. I have a clearer vision of the kinds of stories I want to write and the skills I need to get there, plus the tools to level-up my everyday journalism at work.”

—Moira Wyton, The Tyee health reporter and graduate of Finding Your Voice as a Feature Writer


Date: Sep. 17-20, 2023
Location: The Tyee Office (Vancouver, BC)

  • Sun. Sep 17,  9 am–5 pm (7 slots, 50 min. each)
  • Mon. Sep. 18,  9 am–12 pm (3 slots, 50 min. each)
  • Tues. Sep. 19 + Wed. Sep. 20 (times available by special arrangement on the UBC campus).

Sunday and Monday sessions will take place at The Tyee office in downtown Vancouver. Tuesday and Wednesday sessions are available by special arrangement at the University of British Columbia campus. Further instructions are provided in the ticket after registration.


After checkout, you’ll receive a receipt with a downloadable PDF ticket that includes how to file your manuscript, a link to the video replay of  Richard’s 3-hr Beyond Feature Writing Masterclass and additional information on your manuscript review. The PDF will also provide you with detailed directions to the venue. You will also receive an emailed reminder a few days before your session.


Space is limited to 12 writers. Anyone wishing to cancel their registration has until Sep. 10, 2023 to receive a guaranteed refund. If you cancel between Sep. 11 and 16, 2023 we will only offer a refund if and after the vacated spot is filled. No refunds whatsoever will be offered after Sep. 16, 2023.


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